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        Artistically Bred Worldwideyorkies Heart felt Testimonials & Apologies
       "45" Year  Veterinarian Testimonial & "21"  Year Veterinarian Testimonial 

Satisfied & Very Happy people share their Heart Felt story about their happy Artistically Bred adoption of their puppies and adults they have adopted from Debbie Nap.

Special thanks to my wonderful veterinarian of over 41 years, and his wonderful wife. 

Thanks to Robin & Holly for sending me your heart felt Sincere apology letters. 

If any of you would like to chat with some of the people below please just let me know, as they have stated in their Testimonials they would be happy to share with you about their joy & happiness with adoption of my Artistically Bred Worldwideyorkies. 

Have a Blessed Day 

Dear Deb
Back in September was the month of first made contact with you I believe, in my pursuit of finding my little yorkie. Over the months we made arrangements to have one of your precious babies, one of which I have purchased named "Ricco".  I have to tell you this little guy is a god sent to me, as you are aware I lost both my husband and only child, and with that my purpose in life. The last few months with Ricco, have been just wonderful, he is such a character and well, he loved me endlessly, as do i him.  The love he gives me, with his little kisses comes at the right times, and the way he chews my fingers is so very sweet, not actually biting but soothing.  As i start this new page in my life, and as i try and figure out what the world has in store for me, I am so blessed to have a life, that needs me, and although so very scared to give my heart away again.....he has managed to provide me with love, comic relief and entertainment.  He is so wonderful, and personality plus. He is truly amazing and gives me so much back in return. Deb, thank you for allowing me to give your baby a home, and for giving me the opportunity to share my heart and love with an oh so special little boy. 
 p.S my son would of loved him, for sure.....perhaps he already is loving him
 God Bless Susan 
Sun, Feb 13,   at 9:48 AM
Hi Deborah!

Well I can't believe that its already been a year since I brought Charlie home. He is an absolute joy.....so smart,beautiful, and super healthy...just a real beautiful boy! And to think I almost didn't get him....but you really saw how much I really needed him...truly understood how I was feeling after losing my Mom, Dad and my yorkie Abigail all within a years time...I was so afraid to give my heart away, especially to a "boy".......but you convinced me that he would be absolutely perfect for me and he is!!! Everywhere we go people cannot believe how beautiful and well manored he is, not to mention how beautiful his teeth are!!!! I'm sending a picture of him when I got him and a picture as he looks now.
Thank you so much Deborah! God Bless,  Mary
PS    Will you be at the Detroit Kennel Club Show this year?
Best Ever! 
I purchased 2 dogs from Deborah 2 years ago, and I have been meaning to write this review for some time. If you have become involved in the Biewer breed, you probably have discovered that everything is not as it seems. Not everyone is honest and ethical. I got burned badly on a few deals, but I cannot say enough great things about Deborah and her dogs. She is honest, ethical, and she has the best dogs out there! Deborah blends exquisite beauty, health, temperament and overall quality into her dogs. They have the best dispositions to go with their incredible beauty and top-notch health. The entire transaction was smooth as could be, and I am now proud to call Deborah my friend. I am no longer breeding Biewers -- job commitments forced me to cut back, but I can say, without reservation, that Deborah is the best breeder you will ever find, anywhere! 
Cheryl Hague Dreamquete Exotics and Persians
Hi Deborah
April 2,  
 Will he is home an just getting along great, I was surprised to see how he wasn"t scared of a new place. he cried a little last night I had him in the kitchen, I'm sure he just wanted to be in bed with me but he needs to get house broke first. I bushed him out last night an he did great on the table, I have a family dinner tomorrow an I'm going to take him with  me.
Will you have a great Easter, HO I think I am going to change his call name to Fritzs in honor of the first dog we had a as a child, he was a docson .
 Happy Easter 
from john to Deborah  May 11, 

John here, sorry I havn't got in touch with you in awhile, my computor had some problems to got that fixed also. Fritzs is doing so great he thinks he is the boss around here LOL. he sleeps with me now still working on the house training he is not doing bad tho , hes a smart little guy I just love him. I give him a bath once aweek an I enjoy doing that it releaves stress for me, an in the  evening he lays on my lap an i brush him out , he just lays there. will its getting late I just wanted to drop you a line here .
 God Bless

fromTerri  Re: Gracie 

Thanks for the information this morning.  We love Gracie so much. She is such a part of our family, and she has only been here 5 days. She is so smart and has only one accident,(pottie training) which was our fault.  If she is playing and has to go she will find her paper pad. She loves playing with her toys, and is so cute to watch her. We have a floor length mirror and the first day we were home she thought it was her sister in the mirror, and she was trying to play with her reflection in the mirror.  I am enclosing a picture I took. I will send more later on.  Thanks so much. 
dd text.From: Dianne 
Sent: Friday, March 05,  2:44 PM
Subject: Honey Girl

 Hi Deb,
Honey Girl is doing good.  She gets along great with the Pugs.  We are working on the housebreaking… it was confusing to her at first but the wee wee pads are helping. 
 We have her scheduled to be spayed .  
 Thank you again for little princess, Honey Girl.  She is very precious to me.
from Gail 

date Sat, Feb 6,  at 4:24 PM
subjectBaby Boy

Hi, Debbie
I just got off the line with you and I hope this gets through.  We talked about the baby boy tea cup that we could get.  You said they would be ready by Valentine's Day.  I know my Mom and Dad will be so excited and happy.  We will never forget the love you have shown.  E'mail me his picture and give me detail of where to send the money order.  Thank You so very much.
.Hi Debbie 

My baby girl is doing just wonderful, she is a true blessing! 
She is sweet & happy and plays ball all the time.  Doing a good job on her house training. 

Thank you for all you do, so people can have amazing, beautiful Yorkshire Terriers like no others I have ever  seen.

Cassandra & Anna Marie 
date Mon, Mar 1, at 6:57 PM
subjectRe: Baby Boy

Hi Deborah,
I've been meaning to write you and to thank you from our Hearts.  Our little baby is filled with so much love and energy.  We love him to death.  My dad calls him his little son.  We named him Precious Tyes.  My dad even takes him to bed with him.  Every time we take him out with us, everyone has to get their picture taken with him.  Why Dad is so protective of him, he didn't even want anyone to touch him because their hands might not be clean!!  Ha! Ha!  He has brought so much joy in our lives.  We have been blessed.
When I get some pictures I'll mail you some.  I don't have a camera for my computer, but I'll still get some to you.  Also I didn't get any business cards from you. You could send me some.  Deborah, thank you again for sharing your Love!! We will never forget what you did.
On Wed, Nov 18,  at 10:05 AM, 
Hi Deborah, 

Charmer is doing great and he has helped my mom a lot she has something to look forward to every day now thank you. Charmer went to the vet yesterday to get his stitches removed.
Dear Deborah, 

I just wanted to write you a short note to thank you for bringing beautiful Angel into my life! She is every bit as spectacular as you said she was. Aside from her extreme beauty, she is very healthy and has a fantastic personality. At just 4.25 pounds you’d think she’d get lost in the shuffle—not so—she has a big dog presence which is hysterically funny as she is my smallest Biewer  in my home. Angel is a much-loved, much-pampered little girl. 

I also wanted to tell you that I would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone looking to buy a top quality dog. Your dogs are in excellent health, sound and strong. They are exceptionally well cared for and groomed, not to mention their outstanding temperaments. You are what dog breeders should be – ethical, caring, professional, and committed to maintaining the very highest standard of care for all of your dogs. I would without hesitation recommend you to anyone looking to buy a top-notch Biewer or Yorkie! 

You  may certainly use my name and email as a reference. I’d be happy to talk with any prospective buyers to tell them of my excellent experience buying a dog from you. 


Cheryl H
 Mon, Sep 13,
Re: Chevy
Hello Deb I was siting here with Chevy loving on him an I wanted to send you a note to let you know how we are doing. First I wonted to say THANK YOU for being such a good, caring an loving breeder for these fine puppies. When I talked to you for the first time an you told me about him I was not sure that I could ever love another dog after I lost my yorkie Bash ,an my other concern was that I had never bought a puppy that I had never seen from a breeder that I had never met. Well all of my concerns were for nothing.  Deb you are a blessing, I really appreciate you always being there if I have a question.  If all breeders were like you this world would be a better place ..........Thanks for everything an especially my precious baby boy Renada
Sincere apology from 
Robin Crews to me 

Dear Deb of artistically bred Yorkshire terriers. Artistically bred is the perfect word for your' gorgeous dogs!!! 
I feel I owe you a sincere apology Deb and I am not too big to give it. I unfortunately allowed myself to listen to a woman by the name of Kim Hinkle of myelegantpaws in Sacramento, Ca. This woman said she was going to allow me to purchase a couple of 100% parquins from her with breeding rights but told me that I was too NEVER sell a dog or pup to a Deborah Nap.  I told her that I would not sell to you. Kim also said that you did not even have 100% Parquins.  After checking out your Artistically Bred web site I  see that Kim has stolen your name Artistically Bred name and is using it on her web sites and other places. Shame on Kim. I see that you do own Raymond's Multi International World Champions 100% Parquins Yorkshire Terriers.  I just love your Parqins History page. I am so excited about your Parquins Park Avenue  litter.

This woman is nothing less than a scammer and a broker. She took my $4000.00, and will not return the money to me. She has even recently had postings on puppyfind.com and breeders net advertising dogs for $1000.00 due to loosing her house to a fire. 2 years ago she posted that her husband Rich had a motorcycle accident and was killed.

If you go to  yorkietalk.com (forums) as well as ripoffreport.com you can read what many many others have to say about Kim and how she has ripped them off.  Kim goes in under many different names due to all the people she has scammed over the past years. All you have to do is put any of her names in and read away. I am recieving emails from people telling me how that she also scammed them as well.

Bottom line is this... I made the mistake of listening to what Kim said about you Deborah and I was soooo wrong. I phoned you and told you my situation about my daughters birthday and the disability that she has. 
I told you how she begged for a yorkie and you opened your' LOVING arms to my child and to me.  Do you know how special that is? You have offered to me your' very best and when I get my money situation in better shape, rest assured that when I get my financial situation straightened out that I will be purchasing an artistically bred  parquins yorkshire terrier from  you Deborah Nap. 

Again, I ask you to forgive me for not checking you out first and listening to Kim's jealous opinions.

Robin Crew
Brownsville, Ky

.Royal & Bonnie Saturday, Dec 15,  9:28 PM
From: Mary 
To: "Deborah " 

Hi Deborah...Just a quick note. I wanted to let you know that Royal is such a perfect boy...he is always at my side. If he sees me head to the bedroom-he hops right up on the bed till I get there--if I head for the living room, he hops in the chair where I always sit. He's my little "stud muffin".  
 Bonnie is doing well also. She loves to cuddle and plays outside with the  rest of the crew. They are both so well adjusted that it has been no problem with them fitting in. It just happened naturally.
I'm sure you've already guessed, but thought I'd tell you anyway. I love them to pieces !! 
Best to you and your family,
 Mary Jane 
Hi debbie its jeff Booth. Marlyin mone is the best little thing I've ever had. I love ur dogs so much that I might be thinkin she needs a play mate. Haha. Just wondered if u had a deal on the little male that is 25 wks old.  So if ud like to email my how ud let him go for as a pet id appreciate it. Thank's a million debbie. Ur dogs r amazing!
Hello Debbie: 

We love our baby he is so sweet. 

On the plus side he fetches toys real good so he is learning things. I am the one who needs lessons on how to break  him on things so guess we will sort of learn together. I guess he is sort of spoiled  but how can you not spoil him right. 

He is so lovable most of the time just in the evenings he gets rambunctious  I assume that is the puppy in him. I am trying to get him used to wearing a harness he hated to put it on and fought me with all his might about wearing it but he is getting used to it now I hope any way lol.

 Hope you enjoy the pics I sent i will send more later on. You take care and Keep me posted ok. How are your other babies doing and how is the little girl that you were hand feeding doing?

Take Care, Shirley & Paco

Hey Deb,
Hope you and all the pups are doing great!  I realized it has been a long time since I sent you an update and pictures of our little guy.
Chopper is doing great! He has decided that he wants to sleep in bed with me every night now. He always wants to be in the center, top of the bed so I am forced to sleep to the far right or far left. I am usually smooshed up against the wall and can't move over to the center since he is there!  Hey,  Whatever makes him happy! LOL
Chopper's fur is continuing to get longer and longer. I can not find anyone who is good at grooming Yorkies so his ear hair is getting SUPER long.  It looks like his ears are super tall; almost like a rabbit! I am afraid to trim it shorter for fear of messing it up bad.
I have attached about 9 pictures of Chopper. Hope they open for you. Don't laugh...you know I take TERRIBLE pictures even though Chopper is very photogenic!  The pictures are pretty basic but you can get the idea!
Checked out your website the other day. It looks really nice!  Saw a picture of Chopper across from my other favorite dog of yours, Bling, Bling. I have always liked her and Apple Blossom. Must say Bling, Bling is my favorite though. Which of those two is smaller? Liked the picture of your birds too. I remember you telling me that you have won lots of awards in shows for them. Really liked the camp fire picture too!
Well Sweetie, I will stop for now. Need to get back to work.
Take care and Chopper sends BIG hugs to his Mommy Debbie!

Brenda & Chopper:)
Easy Lover- the right choice 
Deborah, thank you for all your information on the puppy. Talking with you made the choice easy, I am very happy we are getting our baby from you. EasyLover sounds wounderful and we can't wait for our new arival!! I will tell anybody that would listen, about you and the the puppies. Wow.... you are a great person. Thank you, Stu 

 Hello again! Debby 
Here's a picture of Dakota.  He's such a good boy.  Sadly, we had to find a new home for our other dog, Murphy.  He became too hard to handle pooping all over the house and biting my daughters.  Couldn't take a chance. Dakota, of course, did fine with the change.  I think he likes being the center of attention.  Everyone spoils him rotten.  I am doing a Scrapbook, so that'd be kinda neat to have a pic of one of his off-spring.  He is such a wonderful part of my life I just do not know how to put that into words.  
Hi Debbie...thanks so much for you Valentine greetings.  I think of you and thank you every single day for these puppies I love so much!  Still waiting for Bonnie to come into heat and will surely let you know when that wonderful day comes. Can't be soon enough for me.

I do have some news though.  I was able to purchase a male and female (not related) that are both 3 years old-and she is in heat now. I'm sending pics of them and just hope to goodness I haven't made a huge mistake. They both are very good and sweet BUT nothing like my favorite two forever.  

Another thing I must say is that you must have super human powers...how in the world do you do all you do???  Take care of all your puppys...spend time with your grandkids and kids...take care of a house and husband (and I'm sure many other things I haven't even mentioned)...and STILL --- have time to maintain your fantastic web site !?!?

Send me some of your energy, please.  love and good wishes, Mary Jane, Royal and Bonnie

ps  also sending a picture of Royal, Bonnie and Buddy(my little F1 male) in control of my bed.. as always..lol ♥

Mary Kramer 

 I recently purchased two gorgeous little puppies from Deborah, and although i personally didn't get them as breeders or show dogs, just as pets, i couldn't be happier with my two new furry sons. Their breeding is more then apparent in the quality of the dogs, and Debroah has been more then willing to answer the many questions i have had about them without getting upset or feeling "hounded" like most other breeders would. She responds to my emails within a matter of hours and is always readiably available should i have any questions or concerns with them, phone, email or otherwise. I can tell not only by the temproment but the playfullness of my new boys that they have been brought up in a warm and loving enviroment, and they willingly let my 4 and 2 year old sons do whatever they wish to them without getting nippy or snappy towards them. Which only shows that they have been brought up around other children in a pleasent enviroment. My puppies are playfull towards other breeds of dogs, and i was pleasently suprised to discover that they where fully house broken, i haven't had a single accident with either boy yet! They run upto the front door and paw at it when they need to go, and then do not hestitate to do their business the second they reach the grass. A recent vet examination prooved that my puppies where in the best of health, and of excellent quality to the point that my vet actually thought that they where pedigree registered puppies!. I would highly recommend Deborah or any of her furry children to any buyer looking for that special pup to be a part of their family, and it is always wonderfull to know that no matter what she's always happy to hear back about her puppies and is willing to answer any questions even after purchase is completed. In fact i've already recommended her to people who have seen my pups around the NY area and have wanted some of their own. Deborah is defenantly a 5 star breeder, thanks bunches! 
Dusty  From: NY 
xt.Hello Deborah.

Many thanks for the picture sent to me. I have published it on our web page. I was on your web page. Your reports on the Biewer-History very feel well. Hats off, we say here in Germany.
Continue in such a way.
Lots of love Dagmar
Hallo Deborah.
Vielen Dank für das mir zugesandte Bild. Ich habe es auf unserer Webseite veröffentlicht. Ich war auf Deiner Webseite. Deine Berichte über die Biewer-History sind sehr gut. Alle Achtung, sagen wir hier in Deutschland.
Mach weiter so.
Liebe Grüße Dagmar
.Hello Debbie,                                                                  January 24,                                             
  2 lb Chopper 

Just want to email to let you know all went perfect at the airport with "Choppers" arrival. He is an absolute doll! He arrived in flawless, neat, clean, just groomed condition and didn't even seem one bit tired from the 5 hours of travel! 
I am still trying to get over just how tiny he is! 1 lb 9 oz and adult @ 4 yrs  Wow! When I picked up the crate, I thought it was empty! I had to make sure there was actually a  dog in there! LOL 
Thanks for all your time, effort and advice. I am certain that Chopper will be a much loved member of my family for many, many years to come! 

Brenda M. Zenger Lake Arrowhead, Ca 

.December 28,

It was so nice to finally chat with you about your precious babies this evening.  As I told you, I’ve been visiting your website for the past two weeks and have literally fallen in love with your babies.  I haven’t the foggiest notion which one to choose.  So, I’m placing our new family member in your very capable hands.  We are looking for one of your tiny babies (puppy or adult is fine) because my husband’s orthopedic  surgeon has put weight limitations (under 5  pounds) on my husband lifting capability. To make a long story short, we’re hoping for one of your beautiful babies for a ridiculously low price.  We are both retired but we need one of your babies to be our life long companion.  He/she will go with us constantly, will never be alone, and be totally spoiled…not to mention be truly loved as a cherished family member.  As your website says, you could make our dreams come true.

We love your Biewer Yorkies, and that would be our first choice.  A  traditional  Yorkie would fit the bill very nicely as well.  Like we said, the pictures on your website have made us fall in love with all of your babies.  We could have sworn we smelled the sweet aroma of puppy breath when we looked at your available puppies.  We even went to the website   www.thedogshows.com/televised.htm.   The photos we found there that were yours were just beautiful.  You have a natural talent for capturing  not only the physical but the personality of your beautiful little subjects.  We are truly enraptured with each of them.

We’ve read through almost everything on your website and even went into other areas to find out more about the Biewer.  They are absolutely breathtaking.  You must be so proud of your contribution to the breed.  We see that your faith also plays a big part in your life.  It does in our life as well.  We don’t know how we happened on your website, but we have a feeling we were led there.  Once there we couldn’t stop looking.  The love that is evident on those web pages  just told us that this is where we would find our new family member.
 Debbie, we are not interested in breeding.  We leave that to the experts, like you.  We would need our puppy shipped to Port Columbus International, Columbus, OH.  In the meantime, we could send you a Postal Money Order to hold our precious little baby.  
I could tell we have a lot in common with our love of the breed.  Mickey meant so much to us.  It was nice to have someone that understands the deep grieving we went through after we lost him.  He still runs through our home  in our hearts, but we know he understands how much we loved him and that it’s time to find another  puppy we can love,  hold, cherish, and maybe sneak back into McDonalds with.
If you have any other questions about anything, Debbie, please don’t hesitate to call us or email.  I’ll leave the computer on for a while and hope to hear from you as your time allows. 
Thanks so much for the wonderful phone conversation!  You are so right!  You don't bite and love to talk about your babies!!

God bless your day!
 Jimm & Pat                                                             

era Harbick Friday, 9/11/09, 1:48 PM 

 Debbie, Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly and being so kind and helpful.I can really appreciate the love and care you put into your breeding program both your Biewers and your Yorkies are absolutley gorgeous.I hope to sometime soon be able to give one of them a loving home. 

 From: Wisconsin 

 Dawn Tavian Friday, 9/4/09, 5:54 PM 

 What cute babies, Do you stud out your boys? I am looking for a stud for my little baby girl, she is 4 lbs. I'm not sure where you are located, is it close to me? Thanks Dawn 

 From: Canton, Michigan 

 Amie Thursday, 9/3/09, 1:50 PM 


 From: battle creek 

 Trisha Tuesday, 9/1/09, 9:15 AM 

 From: VanBuren 

 Jan Lucas Monday, 8/31/09, 11:39 PM 

 janlucas33@yahoo.com 817-714-8015 Cell 

 From: Fort Worth, TX 

 Maryann Maziar Wednesday, 8/26/09, 11:46 PM 

 As I wrote you in an email....I am a retired RN. Am starting chemo in a few days. I have no family here or friends. Going through this alone is scarey. Would love a forever baby girl. Someday, when all this is done would love to breed them..and will ask you tons of advice. Let me know what your prices are on the ones you are thinning out and maybe even some adults. Thank you so much, Maryann Maziar 

 From: Tucson AZ 

 Maria Miller Thursday, 8/13/09, 3:15 PM 

 Looking at your website with your beautiful yorkie babies. They are awesome, I would like to purchase a baby from you. Keep up the beautiful work with your babies.. Maria Miller 

 From: New York City 
 Web Site:  N\A 

 stacy Wednesday, 8/12/09, 6:03 PM 

 i spoke with you about your gorgious babies and i can see you put alot of love and time into your babies thank you for the tips you gave me about breeding the tiny ones wgen barbie has her babies please let me know im also looking for a small 3 lb m maltese w ith papers. your babies are gorgious... my boyfriend has a grooming shop in ny and i see alot of prety babies there but your happen to be the most gorgious ones i have ever seen all breeders should be as dedicated as you stacy in ny 

 From: ny 
 Web Site:  rosepup1961@hotmail.com 

 Petra Monday, 7/20/09, 6:29 AM 

 Hello, I am now rise to your website and must say what I see I like very well. A beautiful lovingly constructed website with a wonderful main actors. Liebe grüsse Petra and the Fellschnuten "of Jacob's source" 

 From: Baesweler 
 Web Site:  Biewer & Yorkshire Terrier vom Jakobsquellchen " 

 Jennifer Saturday, 7/18/09, 10:45 AM 

 Thanks for speaking to me on the phone about coming to visit. I am looking for a smaller dog for after my 12yr old Min Schnauzer passes. Since she has peeing accidents, I have to carry her down a flight of stairs from my 2nd floor apt which is why I am looking for something that weighs less than she does now (12.3 & losing weight). Your dogs look beautiful! I don't know what a Biewer dog is, so I hope you can explain the difference bet

 I have got a Biewer Boy love him to bits,but we are scorned here in england they say they are mongrels,I have had him dna tested the lot.I love him to bits and he is stunning

 good morning, i just wanted to drop a note and let you know, that "easy lover" now called shakespeare, is a wounder puppy. I can not say enough about him. Debra you were right on everything you said. I also thought you should know, that he likes the water. Have a great day Stu 

 From: new jersey 

 kimberly jacox Friday, 6/19/09, 11:39 AM 


 From: marshall mi 49068 
 Web Site:  N/A 

 Georgiann Drayer Sunday, 6/14/09, 11:19 AM 

 Hello, Deborah, I met you at the Wolf Lake Animal Swap meet. I have (had her with me at the meet) a 2lb. female yorkie, 2 years old and I told you I was looking for a rhinestone collar (a real looking one) you said you made them and to check out your web site I have and cannot find where they are displayed or sold at your site.....please let me know as I am really looking to get tootsie one, you said you hand make them... you can contact me at roxanne_4_7@yahoo.com thank you! 

 From: Woodburn, Indiana 

 Layla Friday, 6/12/09, 8:59 AM 

 From: Gibraltar Michigan 

 Manuela Mühlen Thursday, 6/11/09, 10:47 AM 

 hello deborah, you have a great website. The dogs are beautiful. I wish you much success and a nice time me your dog. greetings from germany by manuela 

 From: germany 
 Web Site:  von-honey-moon-island 

 Annie Edwards Friday, 6/5/09, 7:20 PM 

 I am hoping to purchase a yorkie in the near future and I will probably contact you because your babies are beautiful. 

 From: Grand Rapids 

 Dagmar - IBC Wednesday, 6/3/09, 11:45 AM 

 Gruss aus Germany Dagmar - IBC Germany 

 From: Germany 
 Web Site:  Internationaler Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Club e. V. 
 Please call 269-671-5390 if instered   011492325793386 

 Julie Pennoni Tuesday, 6/2/09, 9:25 AM 

 Hi Deborah, It was nice to meet you over the phone, thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing you and your fur kids tomorrow! Sincerely, Julie Pennoni 

 From: Dewitt MI. 

 Julie Pennoni Tuesday, 6/2/09, 9:22 AM 

 From: Dewitt MI. 

 Darcy Nichols Monday, 6/1/09, 8:10 AM 

 Wonderful site, very informative and well done. Very high quality of breeding and such a great selection of breeds. Would love to breed and get a litter of well designed puppies in the near future. Thank you Debbie for offering such wonderful stock. May God abundantly bless you. 

 From: Cloverdale Lake/Delton 

 Gloria Schmitt Saturday, 5/30/09, 8:37 AM 

 I would like to add a Biewer Yorkie to my home sometime in the next year. I live with my 15 year old "Missy" cocker spaniel. I am waiting for her to pass on before I bring another companion into my home. I do not want to breed a dog, only have one to love,kiss and cuddle. I live alone in my own house,am retired and I love dogs and animals of all kind. I only will have a dog. All my dogs have lived long and good lives. I exercise them,play with them and always take them to my Vet as if they were my own human children. My only grandchild is 6 years old and lives in Green Bay ,WI. She will be around the dog occasionally. She has two golden retreivers,and loves and respects all animals. I have a fixed income and was wondering how much a male, or female would be. I like the white fur of the Biewers. Where are you located? Thank you for your time Gloria Schmitt 

 From: Ironwood,Mi 49938 

 shayla Monday, 5/25/09, 11:19 PM 

 love yor dogs i really wish i can buy one.... 

 From: kalamazoo 

 Sandi Monday, 5/25/09, 6:09 PM 

 Hi Deb, Just dropping by to say hello and I hope you can make it on Saturday @ Planet Rock. Cute website! I love yorkies! 

 From: Jackson 
 Web Site:  Castle Blakk 

 Susan Grisell Wednesday, 5/6/09, 8:25 AM 

 It is truely amazing how the Lord works!!! He sent me to you when I felt so lost after losing my little Bella.,the pain and sorrow is overrelming. Your words of comfort came at just the right time and I thank God for you. I hope it all works out for me to meet with you and adopt one of your beautiful babies!!I was referred to you back when I was looking for a new baby and there were no pups available at the time and I got anxious and adopted Bella, believing the owner was being honest with me, as it turned out Bella was diagnosed with liver shunt and I had no health guarantee which now I see the major mistake on my part for rushing to fast and not being patient.Just one of the lessons we learn in life. I hope others can learn by my mistake as well. Bella was a exceptionally beautiful yorkie babie and will be so missed.Thank You again Deborah for being there to talk to a stranger who was hurting...God Bless You!as I see he has with your exceptional babies, A Sister in Christ, Susan 

 From: Crown Point, Indiana 

 Kathy Albert Monday, 5/4/09, 4:23 PM 

 I have been blessed with Yorkshire Terriers for 12+ years. I have just receintly became aware of Biewer Yorkshire Terriers. I think they are beautiful! What pretty dogs and pups you have on your site! Are your Biewers bigger than the standard Yorkshire Terrier of 4-7 lbs? I have receintly went to a breeder close to me just to see a Biewer in person and they were "bigger boned" than my petite Yorkies. Is that the standard for a Biewer. It is so hard to see the true size of a dog or pup online. I was just curious and thought maybe you could help me to understand the Biewer breed. Thank you in advance for your assistance! I look forward to hearing from you! Kathy 

 From: Salem, Illinois 

 Marilyn Fine Wednesday, 4/22/09, 12:35 PM 

 From: East 

 Jen Weathers Friday, 3/27/09, 8:38 AM 

 What Beautiful dogs...just striking. I am looking forward to visiting! Blessings, Jen Weathers 

 From: Grand Haven, Michigan 

 Diane Sunday, 3/22/09, 1:05 PM 

 Dearest Deborah, It was such a pleasure speaking to you about our baby "Bling Bling". I have such a blast going on line and looking at her pictures! You are truly blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful babies! I also want you to know that I respected the fact that you asked so many questions to make sure your baby would be going to a loving home! I assure you that I would make such a good mom to Bling Bling and that she would be very loved in our home. I know that she is worth every dollar you were asking for her, but I really can only afford a little more than half of the price. I understand if this is not enough, and I will just keeping loving her long distance! God bless you and your family and especially the babies!! Take care and maybe someday we can meet. Diane 

 From: Canton, MI 

 Steve & Cynthia Novak Saturday, 3/14/09, 6:05 PM 

 In reviewing your site and talking with you, We feel we are extreamly lucky to have found you. We could see and feel right away that you are a high quality breeder not just looking for the dollar but the right home, fit and mix before you make the placement of one of your yorkies. We look forward to coming to your home and meeting with you. Thank you...Steve & Cynthia Novak 

 From: Muskegon, Michigan 

 Chantay Martin Friday, 3/13/09, 2:35 PM 

 Hi Debbie, I look at your site often. Your fur babies are beautiful. For as long as I can remember I've wanted a yorkshire terrier. My children are out on their own so I miss taking care of someone. I visit many sites searching for a fur baby, but I always come back to yours. The babies look very healthy abd happy. What is process of acquiring one of your yorkshire terrier pups for companion? 

 From: Rochester, Mi 

 julie damm Thursday, 3/5/09, 7:07 PM 

 looks great ms. debbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 From: cloverdale, michigan 

 Grace Friday, 2/27/09, 2:09 PM 

 From: Virginia 

 Marvella Edwards Tuesday, 2/24/09, 8:05 PM 

 Hi, I love your Yorkies.. I am a Yorkie lover too. I have 2 MALES bAILEY HE IS A 7 lB very beautiful and spoiled rotten but he got bigger then I was told he would be. But I still love him he is my Buddy. I had him fixed after he fathered 4 pups from a white and gray female that belonged to a friend of mind. then I bought a male pup Koda who is a 2 lb , I know my friends said I went from large to tiny I get teased alot about them both but they love each other.. I had Koda fixed because he was so small. I am looking for a very tiny female which will be fixed just to spoil with my other 2. Both Bailey and Koda gets car sick so I cant take them out to much. koda would bite someone anyway he needs to stay home its safer lol.. he doesnt like anyone to get close to me unless its other animals then he is ok with that.. Funny little guy..I would love to know what you have to sale and what your prices would be I dont want anything bigger then 4 lbs. I have a hard time bathing Bailey now so no more his size now Koda I just put him in my sink. But Bailey has to use the tub and I cant not get on my knees anymore. So now he goes to the groomers or my daughter baths him. I live in NC so I would really like to know what you have. Thank You Marvella 

 From: NC 

 Paula Brawdy Wednesday, 2/11/09, 4:24 PM 

 I am looking for a small boy yorkie, however, I do want breeding rights. It doesn't look like you sell them with rights? correct? If not, I'd like to talk to you. my phone is 269 948 3099, or cell is 616 240 0445 

 From: Hastings, MI 

 almona swayze Thursday, 2/5/09, 7:28 PM 

 I am interested in a yorkie , where are you located? 

 From: Hale mich. 
 Web Site:  mona swayze` 

 Tami Tuesday, 2/3/09, 5:28 PM 

 I just adore the Biewer's. I would love to have one. Is it possible to see them? What is the price? I would be interested in the largest dog. Unlike many people I like them a little bigger. God Bless you!!! Tami 

 From: Linden, Michigan 

 Sherri Monday, 2/2/09, 8:25 PM 

 I finally met Debbie after several conversations on the phone. The 1st time I talked with her I new in my heart she was a person of her word & someone I could be friends with. Well I was completely right & I just love her. She has beautiful fur kids & takes very good care of her babies. Anyone should feel lucky if they get to purchase one of her babies because you will get the quality she tells you that you will get. I feel lucky just to be friends with her! ! ! 

 From: Jackson, MI. 
 Web Site:  Spoiled Rotten Kritters 

 Alina Koludrovich Monday, 2/2/09, 3:12 PM 

 hi how are you and your pretty baby doing? did you find enough outfits haha. I met you at Micheals Crafts I have long black hair and glasses. I mentioned to you about the passing of my dearest friend, my best pal my doberman Mercury.and also about finding a black chihuahua on the street by battlecreek hospital running back and forth at full speed with out a care in the world.only he was hungry.I just so happened to have a small cheese burger in my car.So I offered it to him.and it's been three years he is very affectionate little guy.he is my tiny man.I will keep in touch with you from time to time.well take care.Sincerely,Alina Koludrovich my email is KPOCCO@AOL.COM 

 From: Battle Creek Michigan 49017 
 Web Site:  Alina Koludrovich 

 Eva Tuesday, 1/27/09, 12:36 PM 

 You have some wonderful looking pets and I'm looking to buy one. It was wonderful to talk to you over the phone,you seems to be a wonderful person. I hope to talk to you again very soon. Eva 

 From: UP of Michigan 

 Jayna Hawkins Wednesday, 1/21/09, 6:14 PM 

 I am very interested in a Valentines pup. I just got off the phone with you and I think you have absolutely BEAUTIFUL pups! The pups that would be available on Valentines Day, which ones are their parents? Can I please get pics of the parents and the pups available to Mikzbbygrl@hotmail.com Thank You! 

 From: Fayetteville, NC 

 tina ammaturo Tuesday, 1/20/09, 11:08 AM 

 Hi Didn't realize you had this section for me to contact you. Have just left a message on your machine. We are interested in a biewer puppy for our family and are wondering if you have photos you can send us of any new puppies you have. Also, can you tell us a bit about your breeding program and your dogs. Do you have photos of the parents available? What is the price range for a female biewer? Thank you and best regards, Tina Ammaturo 

 From: ontario canada 

 Miki Melching Friday, 1/16/09, 9:36 AM 

 These are by far the most beautiful yorkies I have ever come across! 

 From: Cheboygan, Michigan 

 mary metcalf Sunday, 12/21/08, 8:35 AM 

 all of your puppies ar so adorable i'm trin to save enough to get one my daughter loves the small dogs and so do I. 

 From: ohio 

 Sharon Saturday, 12/20/08, 4:21 PM 

 you have a wonderful web page, actually makes you comfortable about acquiring a forever family member thru the internet. I am making my decision about a new friend, will visit again. Thank you 

 From: Berwyn, Illinois 

   Saturday, 12/20/08, 4:19 PM 

 Renee Montes Friday, 12/12/08, 7:35 PM 

 how is my baby doing? We do nothing but think about him everyday. cant wait for christmas. love, The Montes 

 From: Delton Mi 

 Brenda M. Zenger Friday, 12/12/08, 4:18 PM 

 Hello Debbie, Just want to email to let you know all went perfect at the airport with "Choppers" arrival. He is an absolute doll! He arrived in flawless, neat, clean, just groomed condition and didn't even seem one bit tired from the 5 hours of travel! I am still trying to get over just how tiny he is! Wow! When I picked up the crate, I thought it was empty! I had to make sure there was actually a dog in there! LOL Thanks for all your time, effort and advice. I am certain that Chopper will be a much loved member of my family for many, many years to come! HE IS AWESOME!!!!! Brenda M. Zenger Lake Arrowhead, Ca 

 From: Lake Arrowhead, Ca 

 Conshasha & Gregory Friday, 12/12/08, 10:00 AM 

 I just wanted to say thank you for taking your time to answer all my questions today. It's refreshing to find a breeder as informed, helpful, and as sweet as you :)I will tell you that we look forward to setting up an appontment and getting to see your beautful little angels in person!!! 

 From: Macomb, MI 

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       Ms Beca was never sick a day of her life! RIP our baby girl