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         Artistically Bred 100% Parquins Yorkshire Terriers
                      "Featuring Mr. Raymond's Antonucci's" 
 World Class 100% Parquins Yorkshire Terrie's   Champions
               Official Site of 100% Parquins Yorkshire Terriers 

                   Tribute to Mr. Raymond Antonucci 
                             My Mentor and Friend
                                  1946         2008
       Raymond's 100% Paquins will live on with-in my 
           Artistically Bred Yorkshire Terrier Parquins

 All photo's and information is the sole Property of 
        Artistically Bred Parqins by Debbie Nap
 Artistically Bred Champion Yorkshire Terriers 100% Parquins Yorkies
This page was last updated: May 6, 2019
\Property of Artistically Bred 

I was deeply hearth broken by the lost of my friend & mentor!

 Unseen Rare Photo  Raymond Antonucci signed Drawing
 100% Parquins Best in Show  - 100% Champion Park Avenue 
             Champion T Endelesse de L'Eclipes Royal
\Property of Artistically Bred 
\Property of Artistically Bred 
\Property       of      Artistically Bred 
Parquins Yorkshire Terrier Buyers, if you are looking to purchase the most sought after 100% Parquins Yorkshire Terriers puppy or adults visit Artistically Bred Parquins. We invite you to call  Artistically Bred  as we have 100% Parquins Champion of Champions. Serious and Committed to being a Official Parquins Yorkshire Terrier Breeder. If you questions about our authenticity please make an appointment to vist to see all our verification. Please contact  Artistically Bred Parquins 

Artistically Bred Biewersyorkies has all rights to the words "Artistically Bred". We all know Artistically Bred is our "Registered Kennel" name as it is owned & registered by Artistically Bred Biewersyorkies. Debbie L Nap

                                      Raymond Antonucci 1946 - 2008

      For over four decades Raymond created his spectacular Parquins bloodlines 

         Artistically Bred Parquins Yorkshire Terriers are of World Wide Multi                   Champions of Champions.

       Raymond worked for over 40 years so his dreams could live on through the               efforts of our Artistically Bred Parquins Yorkshire Terriers.

                 I am so excited to have Cloned the Parquins Bloodlines.

Artistically Bred worldwideyorkies is proud to be one of few owners of  Champion 100% Parquins Yorkshire Terriers of World Multi Champions, expanding on what Mr. Raymond Antonucci, created 50 years ago.  These Yorkshire Terriers are breathtaking and truly amazing.  If you want a True Steele Blue coat, tiny working ears, and razor bites, that are loving and very inelegant contact  Artistically Bred.   Some of the Top  Bloodlines in the world. 

 These Parquins puppies & adults below were bred & raised by Artistically Bred Yorkshire Terriers Owner & Breeder Debbie Nap 
 Look at how I have cloned the puppies above & below to look just like Raymonds Parquins below 
             Many Thanks to Raymond for my amazing 100% Parquins " They got the Look "

Artistically Bred Biewersyorkies

Artistically Bred Biewersyorkies
These Parquins above was bred & raised by Debbie Nap he is a clone of his ancestors, as u can see
\Property of Artistically Bred 
\Property of Artistically Bred 

Artistically Bred By Deborah Nap

Artistically Bred By Deborah Nap
Artistically Bred  site is dedicated to the memory of my friend and mentor Raymond Antonucci 1946 - 2008. 
 For more than four decades Raymond has raised the 100% Parquins Yorkshire Terrier bloodline in an effort to continue his life's legacy.

Artistically Bred worldwideyorkies  has Champion of Champions. Raymond's life of more than four decades,  live on through the my 100% Parquin Yorkshire Terriers.

Artistically Bred 100% Parquins Yorkshire Terriers loved Raymond and of the direction his life's work took his dedication to  breed keeping  Raymond's bloodline alive.
Parquins breeders who are caring, serious and committed to the breed to participate in this joint venture between breeders around the world who support the Parquins Yorkshire Terrier Bloodline.
I am a Parquins breeders who is very serious and committed to the breed Raymond's 100%   Parquins Yorkshire Terriers. 

If any of you ever need to find  a home for a Parquins Yorkie please contact me I would be happy to buy your Parquins Yorkie to add to my country loving home 

Warm Regards 
Deborah Nap

Sincere apology

Dear Deb of artistically bred Yorkshire terriers. Artistically bred is the perfect word for your' gorgeous dogs!!!

I feel I owe you a sincere apology Deb and I am not too big to give it. I unfortunately allowed myself to listen to a woman by the name of Kim Hinkle of my elegant paws in Sacramento, Ca. This woman said she was going to allow me to purchase a couple of 100% parquins from her with breeding rights but told me that I was too NEVER sell a dog or pup to a Deborah Nap. I told her that I would not sell to you. Kim also said that you did not even have 100% Parquins. After checking out your Artistically Bred web site I see that Kim has stolen your name Artistically Bred name and is using it on her web sites and other places. Shame on Kim. I see that you do own Raymond's Multi International World Champions 100% Parquins Yorkshire Terriers. I just love your Parqins History page. I am so excited about your Parquins Park Avenue Christmas litter.

This woman is nothing less than a scammer and a broker. She took my $4000.00, and will not return the money to me. She has even recently had postings on puppyfind.com and breeders net advertising dogs for $1000.00 due to loosing her house to a fire. 2 years ago she posted that her husband Rich had a motorcycle accident and was killed.

If you go to yorkietalk.com (forums) as well as ripoffreport.com you can read what many many others have to say about Kim and how she has ripped them off. Kim goes in under many different names due to all the people she has scammed over the past years. All you have to do is put any of her names in and read away. I am recieving emails from people telling me how that she also scammed them as well.

Bottom line is this... I made the mistake of listening to what Kim said about you Deborah and I was soooo wrong. I phoned you and told you my situation about my daughters birthday and the disability that she has.

I told you how she begged for a yorkie and you opened your' LOVING arms to my child and to me. Do you know how special that is? You have offered to me your' very best and when I get my money situation in better shape, rest assured that when I get my financial situation straightened out that I will be purchasing an artistically bred parquins yorkshire terrier from you Deborah Nap.

Again, I ask you to forgive me for not checking you out first and listening to Kim's jealous opinions.

Robin Crew
Brownsville, Ky
Artistically Bred Parquins Marie Therese 
Artistically Bred Parquins Model 
King Arthur  
 Look at how I have cloned the puppies above & below to look just like Raymonds Parquins below 
             Many Thanks to Raymond for my amazing 100% Parquins " They got the Look "

Artistically Bred Biewersyorkies