Debbie is pleased to announce that we were one of the first few programs in the world to offer the IBC "German" Golddust Yorkshire Terriers. Our foundation sires and dams are exquisitely bred rare Golddust Yorkshire Terriers have Multi-Champion bloodlines, imported from Germany famous both here and in Europe. These unique and sought-after gems are Gold & White in color. Artistically Bred is one of few International breeders with many German Golddust Yorkies, and we are located here in the United States, in Michigan. Our program is currently setting the standard for this spectacular new breed. We also offer the equally sough-after "German" Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pon Poms from Mr. & Mrs. Biewer's (German founders of the breed) original Biewers of Multi-Champion bloodlines from here and abroad. Our stunning Multi World Champion bloodlines  are unique and sought-after. We feel privileged to offer them for sale, to approved show programs and qualified companion buyers, these Artistically Bred  rare and spectacular companions and top show prospects. Deborah Nap of Artistically Bred Biewersyorkies is the only breeder known to have a 40 year vet reference of having only healthy Yorkshire Terriers and to have always been honest, If you ever see one over 40 years please let us now. 
 Please view Deborah's vet reference on our references page.
NYC Runway Fashion Models Rare German Golddust Yorkshire Terrier 
                 International World Champion Bloodlines

           Rare Golddust Yorkshire Terrier   
        World Champion Bloodlines "Barbie Girl"

 Multi Int World Champion bloodlines. He has a baby Doll face, full flowing show coat, and she is a tiny  3 lb sent from Heaven   
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                  Clyde Golddust Yorkshire Terrier
           Amazing & Wonderful Dam: Golddust Barbie Girl

                             Proven sire   
Hello Deborah. Thank you for the sending of the photo's. I would already say that Barbie Girl it is Golddust Yorkshire terrier. The dog is very nice. Lots of love Dagmar
Hallo Deborah. Danke für die Zusendung des Fotos. Ich würde schon sagen, dass es ein Golddust-Yorkshire Terrier ist. Der Hund ist sehr schön.
Liebe Grüße Dagmar IBC

 Artistically Bred  Golddust Heaven Sent  
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           Golddust Yorkshire Terrier (Standard)
- Small head
- Muzzle of medium length
- Prick
- Eyes of medium size, green-brown to dark brown
- Dark nose leather, pink spots allowed
- Scissors bite

- Compact, powerful, well-proportioned body
- Legs are not too long
- Paws around
- Skin pink, with golden spots

- Well worn

 White-gold, no matter the distribution (the golden
Hue may, but need not, in adult animals greatly
brighten, so we guess it just as fine dust 
can, hence the name "Golddust" = gold dust. )
- Long Hair
- Growing luxuriantly
- Structure fine to vigorously allowed!
- The coat of the adult animal, must be free from black
His hair!
(Puppies can still have black hair.)

- 20 to 25 cm

 Up to 5 kg (for breeding females, it must be something more!)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I was one of the first breeders in the  world to own the  Mult World Champion German Golddust Yorkshire 's
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         Artistically Bred 
            IBC Golddust Yorkshire Terriers
                     Multi World Champions 
Artistically Bred Golddust Yorkshire Terrier sires and dams are exquisitely bred of Multi World Champions