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                   Mr.& Mrs. Biewers Original German 
            IBC Biewer Yorkshire Terrier  a' la Pom Pon
                  International World Multi  Champions

 Welcome to Artistically Bred worldwideyorkies "Multi" World Champion IBC Biewer Yorkshire ala Pom Pons..  German imported, tested and registered. Stud service ranging from 3 - 4 - 7  lbs  full grown.  We believe that IBC, The International Biewer Club, is currently the "gold standard" of Biewer Yorkshire Terrier ala Pom Pon. If you want a Exquisite breath taking and truly amazing Biewer Yorkie with a beautiful show coat, tiny working ears, and razor bites with some of the most "spectacular" personnel's I have ever owed or seen you have found them. 
Please visit our reference page to view my 40  year vet reference and references from very happy families & top Breeders Here & Abroad! On my Reference page 
                   FIRST BIEWER CLUB
       I would like to thank Mr & Mrs Biewer for the spectacular                             loving, sweet, amazing, Biewers
                  IBC Biewer Yorkshire Terrier ala Pom Pon 

Mr Tiny Treasure, Multi World Champions. Artistically Bred Treasure is one of the highest titiled Biewer Yorkshire Terrier aaala Pom Pon in the world with a Baby Doll Face, Tiny Cobby Body.. A real treasure, a gift from God. Only 3 pounds full grown 
                                            Double Gr CH Sired
                                   "Bandit's a Special Edition"
                                 Int Nat World Champion World
                                     Bloodlines Here & Abroad 
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to view it. Artistically Bred Bandit is on of the highest titiled Biewer Yorkshire Terrier aaala Pom Pon in the world. His sire is above.  

Champion sired Artistically Bred Eclipes German Imported Multi World Champions some of the highest titiled Biewer Yorkies in the World
Click on Eclipes pedigree to view one of the top pedigrees in the world 
                            Artistically Bred "Mr Tiny " 
          I had Mr Tiny Imported from Germany as a puppy
     Mr Tiny is the sire to many of my Biewer Yorkshire Terrier ala Pom Pons
                        3 lb sire of Multi German Champions 

On January 20th, 1984, the first blue, white and gold Yorkie, named Scheefloeckchen von Friedheck, was born to 1981 Dortmund Junior Champion, Darling von Friedheck and 1981 Dortmund World Champion Fru-Fru von Friedheck.This was the start of what is now known as the Biewer Terrier Breed.

After raising and showing Yorkies for 20 years, Werner and Gertrud were intrigued by the extreme amount of white on this puppy. This prompted them to begin looking into the possible existence of a recessive piebald gene in their breeding lines. Their interest quickly shifted to producing a perfect blue, white and gold Yorkshire Terrier.  

Mr. Biewer first introduced his tri-colored dogs to the show ring in March 1988, at Wiesbaden, Germany. At this time he presented 2 dogs and called them black and white Yorkies.  

Other breeders were intrigued with the beauty of the black and white Yorkies, and began to breed these little spotted dogs. Among the first breeders were the “Agridesheim” and “Sonnenhof” Kennels.  

The VDH denied the acceptance of the dogs as being a breed of their own. They instead designated them as being of “wrong color, not for breeding”. Mr. Biewer was unhappy with this decision and began his search for a registry that would accept his beloved black and white Yorkies as a separate breed. The ACH (Allgemeiner Club der Hundefreunde Deutschland e.V.) was the first club to accept them as a distinct and separate breed. The dogs were then registered as Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom Pon.  

While dinning one evening the husband of singer Margot Eskens presented her with a Biewer Yorkie puppy on a platter as a gift. This incident is the very reason that the name “a la' Pom Pon” was added. It translates from French to “a tassel or colorful ball of yarn”, which perfectly described the puppy’s hair.  

Mr. and Mrs. Biewer’s Yorkshire Terriers, that produced the black and white Yorkies, came from the Streamglen Kennels. There is some speculation, although not substantiated, that an accidental crossbreeding may have occurred in this kennel that did not show up until some generations later through Mr. Biewer’s dogs. They had 4 Yorkies from the Streamglen kennels, 2 of which produced the black and white colored dogs.  

In 1989 when Mr. Biewer signed the standard for the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom-Pon, the coloring was stated as white-blue-gold. The most prominently displayed standard posted on just about every Biewer breeder’s web site is signed by Mrs. Biewer. We are all familiar with the details in this brief standard.  

Mr. Biewer died in 1997 and his wife Gertrude Biewer has since discontinued her breeding program. Many people have contacted Mrs. Biewer after her husband’s death seeking information about the Biewer Breed and Mrs. Biewer has referred them to Dagmar Przystaw, as she was a close family friend that knew the breed well. Mr. Biewer had always trusted Dagmar’s judgment and opinion when it came to the development of the breed and she has continuously judged the breed since Mr. Biewer stepped into the show ring.  

By the year 2000 the Biewer had lost its popularity and the number of breeders had dwindled significantly. It wasn’t until the breed was introduced in America that its popularity was revitalized. The breed standard was never perfected in this short time and has consequently been the cause of many debates amongst today’s breeders. From the very early pictures above one can see that there were usually only two colors in the head, and the body was predominantly more black than blue.  

In order to set the record straight, Dagmar Przystaw contacted Mrs. Biewer in April of 2007 for clarification of the standard. Mrs. Biewer affirmed that the head coloring for the Biewer is acceptable as follows: (Blue/ Black, White, Gold); (Blue/ Black, Gold); (White, Gold) in good symmetry.  

Our goal is to continue to follow and develop the Biewer Terrier in America to the standard approved by Mrs. Biewer. We hope you enjoy my Biewer gallery. It is a beautiful picture history.  

Yorkies produced the first Biewer's. You can see that Darling von Friedheck above was the main Biewer producing Yorkie.
Art of Highclass Chokolate Obsession 

The first Biro puppy was a female Art of Highclass Relight My Chocolate Fire, born December 1, 2004. She was born in Art of Highclass Kennel.The breeders were just astonished.

The mother of the puppies, Alisha vom Wasserschlößchen, gave birth to four puppies. It was the 4th litter of this female.Three of the puppies were Biewers and one was a Biro. That puppy has amazing colouring, but instead of black or blue markings they were of chocolate colour.

The father of the puppies was an outstanding champion Uz von der Elsteraue. Six weeks later, on January 14, 2005 another Biro puppy was born in the kennel «From the Lightning Showboy» ( now this kennel is nonexistent).The name of that Biro female was Little Princess from the Lightning Showboy. The mother of the puppy was Ailine von Alkotmany, the daughter of Alisha vom Wasserschlößchen, and the father was Uz von der Elsteraue.

Uz von der Elsteraue  

The breeders of these both kennels made the desision to go on breeding and cultivating these wonderful chocolate Yorkshire terriers.

Dagmar Przystaw, 1.Chairperson of the Dog Friends and Fanciers`s International Club and of the International Biewer Yorkshire terrier Club as well as 1. Chairperson of German Biewer Yorkshire terrier Club, is the person who helped the Biro breed very much.

The first clubs registered Biro were ACH-L and IBC and then it was DHS.

The name of the breed Biro is originated, by the way, from two first letters in the names of the breeders Birgit Rösner «From the Lightning Showboy» kennel and Roberto Krah «Art of Highclass» kennel.

​Standard Biro

Standard Biro Yorkshire Terrier 
General Appearance: the terrier has a long, rich coat, which is parted on the back

Head: small and level, by no means around or strongly formed out;
Muzzle: not too long
Nose: dark chocolate 
Eyes: medium-sized and dark with intelligent expression;

Ears: small, V-shaped, that are carried erect covered with short hair; in the upper head and in the chin long hair.

Neck: short, not very strong.

Body: very compact with well formed hips and a level top line

Limbs: totally straight, well covered with hair, 

Feet: round

Tail: undocked, with lots of hair, carried slightly higher than the level of the back

Coat: the hair on the body is of a middle length, straight, shiny like silk

Head: chocolate-white-gold symmetrically colored 

Body: chocolate-white broken or closely chokolate with a white jabot without golden on the body. Legs and belly as well as breast are white.

Height: up to 22cm (8,66 in)

Weight: abt 3,1 kg (6,83 lbs)

Mr. & Mrs. Werner and Gertrude Biewer of Hunsruck Germany bred their 1981 Dortmund World

Youth Winning Yorkshire Terriers, “Darling von Friedheck” and “Fru Fru von Friedheck” and to their

surprise, on January 20, 1984, their first tri-colored puppy was born bearing the traditional colors of a

Yorkshire terrier with the addition of white. This puppy was named “Schneeflocken von Friedheck”,

(schneeflöcke is German for snowflake). It is said that each of these fabulous specimens were carriers of

the piebald gene. There is much speculation as to how this gene entered the race. However Gertrude

and Werner felt the offspring of this mating were an incredible little dog and decided to embrace the

litter and continued to breed for this particular color. Mr. Biewer's Yorkshire Terriers that produced

his three colored offspring came from the Streamglen Kennels in England. The widely accepted theory

is that the white marking on Schneeflocken was the result of a recessive piebald gene present in the

breeding pair Darling and Fru Fru.

Throughout the next five years, Mr. and Mrs. Biewer carefully bred their lines to a set type. On

November 15, 1989 Mr. Biewer wrote and signed his official Standard for the Biewer. This standard

was submitted to and accepted into the Allgemeiner Club der Hunderfreunde Deutschland e. V. (the

ACH e. V.) in 1989 and the Biewer became recognized for the first time.

The Biewer travels to the United States

In 2003, the first Biewer was shown in the U.S.A. by Donna Hall, founder of the American chapter of the 1.

BYC Mrs. Hall worked diligently to gain Biewer recognition under the show auspices of the IABCA and the

NAKC/Rarities. Mrs. Hall was instrumental in the development of a more detailed Biewer Standard accepted

to the RVD/UCI currently being used by IABCA and NAKC as well as Ontario Rare Breed judges.

Through showing the Biewer in rare breed conformation venues and their notice by other canine Fancier’s ,

the Biewer is enjoying a rapid increase in popularity not only in Europe but also the United States, Canada,

and many other parts of the world.

BBCC wishes to spread awareness of the importance for any breeder to belong to a breed club of their choice

to help track and advance the Biewer breed. The Biewer numbers are growing rapidly as more and more

fanciers are discovering the Biewer , more are imported from Germany as foundation stock and pets thus

more litters are being born in the United States