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We are so happy you stopped by. Offering wonderful sweet & loving Yorkie puppies and  adults.  Biewer, Biro, Golddust  puppies. Ranging from 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 full grown.  A few Proven dams & sires. Show Prospects - Breeding Rights or Companion Pets. Of Multi World Champion's  & Runway Fashion Models.

 I am Offering my Biro Yorkshire Terriers,  Traditional Yorkshire Terriers  & Biewer Yorkies, Golddust Yorkshire Terriers.

As Companion pets or occasionally with breeding rights. Show Prospects Champion Sired, Grand Champion sired of Multi World Champions Here  Abroad. 

We are located in Michigan close to Bellevue Mi, Kalamazoo Mi, Battle Creek Mi, Hastings Mi, Gull Lake Mi , Hickory Corners Mi, Coldwater Mi, Bellevue Mi, Grand Rapids Mi, Detroit .

Offering Free Short Term Layaway for the Holidays 
 Sometimes our mommy Barters.
 If you may have something you would like to Trade just give our mommy a call. 

Deposits & Payments are not refundable. 
My verbal adoptions are binding even if you have not signed it . This is a life time agreement . Artistically Bred Biewers & Yorkies are of high quality, Artistically bred with absolute integrity.
Occasionally I will be placing adults that I have bought, after I have had a litter from them.  

Warm Regards,
​If you are looking for a healthy, intelligent, sweet not to mention unusual Beautiful Yorkshire Terrier ......just call our mommy 269 671 5390 
3:02 PM
Hi Debbie,

 It was so nice talking with you. We enjoy little Princess! She is so quiet, loving, and calm. She fits in with our family perfectly. She claimed my daughter Alexess as her best friend Alexess cant go any where in the house with out Princess behind her! She sleeps with my daughter and snuggles with her then in the morning she kisses her toes to wake her up. Princess waits at the window and tries looking out when she knows Alexess is due to get off the bus. She is fully potty trained and crate trained, you have done a great job! I am saving my money to get another little girl from you!!!!! Princess was suppose to be my Christmas present and she claimed my daughter. So, I want one just like princess for me! I like them older because I work for a Hospital in the OR room and do not have time for potty training. You do such a wonderful job so I will be checking back with you in the near future for a playmate sister for princess!!! Thanks again for our little girl:) I would love to see pictures of her parents and baby pictures!!!  

Proud new parents of princess!!!!

New Reference's 2014 Below from very Happy Families

Hello Grandma Deb,

Thanks for the great pictures. The photo of Magic with me is my favorite.

We are having all kinds of fun with MAGIC, our new baby boy! He is SO SMART!

We were away for a short time this afternoon to buy a crate/carrier for him. We left him home alone!

When we got home, he had already learned how to remove his belly band/diaper. Perhaps we should have named him Mischief Magic! He is busy showing us who is boss. Last night he even learned how to get off of the bed. We had a power struggle over the bed. He finally fell asleep (on and off), and he woke me at 7am, then went to his own bed and proceeded to fall asleep instantly! 

We are enjoying the heck out of Magic. Thank you for so graciously allowing him to be our forever boy. You were delightul to meet and work with, making this a very smooth, and memorable experience. You are extremely knowledgable in Yorkshire Terriers and shared so much valuable information and tips with us. We are glad that you are on call 24/7 :) Will keep in touch with updates on our progress.

Thanks and God Bless.

Patt & Al 
Spring Lake, Michigan
      Artistically Bred  Pre Westminster Fashion Show Models 2012     
 Pre Westminster Bride & Groom King Arthur & Bride Queen Guinevere 
                On the Runway in New York,New York 2012 

   Artistically Bred  Queen Guinevere modeling for  Top Pet Fashion Designers in the World - Modeling with  Movie TV Stars  - Rock N Roll Legends - 
          Artistically Bred Top Fashion Models New York - Florida - Sturgis SD 

       Artistically Bred Queen Guinevere a Winner Best In Show 2016

       Artistically Bred Bride & Groom King Arthur & Bride Queen Guinevere 
                           Runway Fashion Models 

On the Runway in New York with 'RHONY' The Cast of Housewifes of New York  will Return For Season Six With a New Housewife  Housewifetinyurl.com 2013

             2010 - 2011 - 2012- 2013 - 2014 -2015 - 2016 - 2017  

Queen Guinevere & I  Debbie Nap along with Prince Lorenzo Borgheseat had such an exciting time attending with  Queen Guinevere Modeling at this magnificent Event! Paws for the City 

Thanks Jennifer Celebritycatwalk Bartok for including New York Runway Fashion Model Queen Guinevere 

'RHONY' Cast Will Return For Season Six With A New Housewifetinyurl.com 
HollywoodLife.com can EXCLUSIVELY tell you that all six of your favorite ladies will be back for season six and there's going to be a new lady of Manhattan!

The Real the Rare Ruby Dress made for the Movie Wiener Dog Nationals Movie  There will only be a few of these numbered and signed designs. Our mommy has purchased #1  
Debbie Nap & Movie Stair Sonya Morgan of Housewife of New York  Pre Westminster Runway Fashion Model Bride Queen Guinevere  
   Prince  Lorenzo Borgheseat

Artistically Bred Testimonial 
JACQUELINE  March 2014 
11:53 PM 
Hello Miss Debbie,
First I want you to know Jules is doing great,couldn't be more happy with her.
My life is so up lifted now that she's in my life,every thought is to the future.
Before getting Jules,I was as low as you can go and didn't care about going forward,the lost of Greg and my 2 girls just did me in. Jules brought back that spark and makes life worth living again.
You matched us perfect.She is by my side 24/7. I take her every where I can,she follows me everywhere and sleeps right next to me.She stays in my lap as long as I am sitting down. I truly love my little girl.
She went with Rickie,Connie and me to Mayo in Scottsdale,Az. twice and traveled very well and did well in the hotel. Scottsdale is very pet friendly and they have a lot of outside dining,so Jules pretty much went every where,except the hospital. Connie is finely getting better so hopefully just 1 or 2 more trips down there.
Hear you're finally starting to get better weather back there.
Hope all is well with you and yours.
Take Care and looking forward to hearing from you.
Hi Grandma,I'm being a good girl and I love you for bring me to my new Mommy, I make her so happy.
& Jules
P.S. Have you made her sun glasses?
She'd look so cute with them on when she's in her car seat and the top down
   Artistically Bred Best In Show Winner Bride Queen Guinevere 2016     Super Model Bride Queen Guinevere and breeder and owner Debbie Nap
             On the Runway Modeling in New York, New York     
                             Artistically Bred Queen Guinevere  
                      On the Runway in New York, New York   

                                New York Pet Fashion Show 
                The NYC DOGGIES & TIARAS PAGEANT
            Celebrity Cat Walk Pre Oscar Glitz & Glamour Contest
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Welcome to the home of our Artistically Bred Yorkshire Terriers  & Biewer Yorkshire Terrier ala Pom Pon 

​We are Runway Fashion Winning Models- Show Dogs - Therapy Dogs - We support rescues - Have been Photographed with Rock Stars and movie stars. We love Visit nursing homes and much more  

Our mommy is the only person in the world to have 2 different vet references starting how healthy and loved we are and have been for over 40 years! Check out our reference pages. 

Thanks for stopping by to visit us.
​Artistically Bred Queen Guinevere modeling  in New York, New York