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American - German - Hungarian Imported  Multi International World Champions!
 Here & Abroad!
      28 Champions in my 3 yr pedigree's
 Click on the pedigree's to view them Larger

Welcome to Artistically Bred worldwideyorkies

Adoption is a life time commencement
Deposits / Payments are non refundable rather verbal or written.

When a deposit or payment has been made  it means the pet has been put on hold for you and they can not be adopted by anyone else. Adoption fee's are subject to change at anytime unless you have commented to an adoption. I will put Pending on your Yorkie until I get your deposit or payment .

Warm Regards,

Offering wonderful sweet & loving Yorkie puppies and adults. Biewer, Biro, Golddust puppies. Ranging from 2 to 7 full grown. A few Proven dams & sires. Show Prospects - Breeding Rights or Companion Pets.
Of Multi World Champion's & Runway Fashion Models.

 I am Offering my Biro Yorkshire Terriers, Traditional Yorkshire Terriers & Biewer Yorkies, Golddust Yorkshire Terriers.

As Companion pets no papers to be fixed or occasionally with breeding rights. Show Prospects Champion Sired, Grand Champion sired of Multi World Champions  Here Abroad.

We are located in Michigan close to Kalamazoo Mi, Bellevue Mi, Kalamazoo Mi, Battle Creek Mi, Hastings Mi, Gull Lake Mi , Hickory Corners Mi, Coldwater Mi, Bellevue Mi, Grand Rapids Mi, Detroit .

Offering Short Term Layaway
 If you may have something you would like to Trade just give our mommy a call.

Deposits & Payments are not refundable.
My verbal adoptions are binding even if you have not signed it . This is a life time agreement . Artistically Bred Biewers & Yorkies are of high quality,   Artistically bred with absolute integrity.
Occasionally I will be placing adults.

Warm Regards,
 Located in Michigan
Calls are best as I talk with everyone in person before any adoption is made.

Or send me a message with your number and I will call asap or free free to call back.

  Dr DVM for 45 years 
  Dr Dean Wathens DVM.  My Vet for over  22 years
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To Artistically Bred Worldwideyorkies the home of Healthy Multi Champions  Worldwideyorkies  

I am the only breeder I know of that has  2 vet references stating that I have never had any life threatening hereditary  defects or sickness in over 45 years, and I have always been honest. See my vet references below. 

You can also find a sample of my Artistically Bred  Yorkshire Terriers Multi Champion Pedigree's below! Just click on them to make them Large so you can read them. 
This is way I have healthy Yorkshire Terriers! Avaialble only as companion pets. 

  We have teacups  Yorkshire Terriers available  
   I offer delivery and I offer non refundable Free financing 

   Located in Kalamazoo Mi  area                                 Call 269-671-5390 
Phone calls are best as I do not check e-mail Daily
                                      A few letters from very happy people below

I have two references pages please take time to see what thrilled and happy families  have to say about my Artistically Bred Yorkshire Terriers
Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving